The BioSystem

The Azolla BioSystem is a highly flexible and scalable biological system that converts large quantities of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the free-floating freshwater fern Azolla and various algae without the need for arable land or nitrogen fertilizers.

Selected amounts of CO2 are permanently removed from the biological-atmospheric cycle as solid carbon products and the remaining biomass provides local renewable biofuel, biofertilizer, livestock feed and food.

Nitrogen-enriched water produced by the BioSystem can be used to fertilize hydroponics, aquaponics and algal growth in complementary systems, providing additional food and biofuel from both Azolla and algae.

azolla flow chart NEW



The BioSystem’s design is highly flexible, enabling its implementation at numerous varied locations.

For example, simplified outdoor applications enable its immediate low-cost use in rural areas such as East Africa.

More sophisticated indoor units can be highly tailored to local needs, for example to promote urban agriculture or biofuel production in more densely populated areas.

Indoor Stacking System

Our indoor ‘stacking system’ enables Azolla’s year-round growth under highly controlled conditions. This facilitates its automation and global replication, resulting in reduction of unit costs and access to multiple funding streams.

Stacking also increases the area of Azolla’s growth relative to its ‘footprint’ by a combination of stacked growing trays and multi-storey buildings. This provides a high degree of flexibility at locations ranging from remote sites with large areas of available land, to town or city locations where the biosystem promotes urban agriculture and community participation.

Combined with Azolla‘s unique ability to double its biomass in under two days, our technology provides CO2 sequestration values that are similar to those of micro-algae.


The BioSystem is also designed to fully utilize the biomass and nitrogen-enriched water produced by the sequestration process using six modules that maximize its flexibility and scalability at different locations

Azolla biosystem modules2

This is the key to its global implementation and funding as each module can be scaled or even eliminated for local requirements.