Azolla Biosystems Ltd

Azolla Biosystems uses a unique plant called Azolla to reduce climate change and produce renewable, low-cost food, livestock feed and biofertilizer anywhere in the world.

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Reducing climate change

Azolla is a free-floating freshwater plant that can double its biomass in less than two days, sequestering large amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).Our biosystem maximizes Azolla’s growth and compresses the plant into high-density carbon products that can be permanently and safely stored. This has major advantages over other methods of carbon capture and Storage (CCS) that require expensive capture of CO2 at point sources and long-distance transportation to underground locations for storage in geological formations.

Carbon Capture,Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Azolla’s CCS can be combined with its use as a source for commodities including livestock feed, biofertilizer and high-value products – a process known Carbon Capture,Utilization and Storage (CCUS).

Low-cost livestock feed and biofertilizer

Livestock feed and fertilizers are becoming increasingly expensive as the world’s population increases by more than two million each week and the problem is magnified by extreme weather events that we are now experiencing. The Azolla Biosystem addresses this by processing selected amounts of Azolla into locally-available livestock feed and biofertilizer. The amount of each commodity can be tailored to suit local needs using our flexible and highly scaleable module system.

High value products

A range of high-value products are produced by the Azolla Biosystem including biodegradable bioplastics, biopolymers, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Our technology is presently confidential and subject to copyright and patents.

Azolla Hubs

All of the processes are undertaken in Azolla Hubs that do not displace arable land or natural ecosystems such as rainforests. This enables integration with aquaponics, hydroponics and algal oil production into a highly efficient and cost-effective biosystem that can be replicated globally at multiple locations.

Aquaponics and hydroponics

Azolla’s growth produces nitrogen-enriched water and biomass that facilitate aquaponics and hydroponics. These provide a local source of low-cost food in addition to the multiple agro-products generated from Azolla-based biofertilizer and livestock feed.

Integration with algal growth and biofuel production

The growth of Azolla and algae within the Hub provides a range of biofuel products, including algal oil. Our techniques use nitrogen-enriched water produced by Azolla to increase algal growth, making production economical and competitive with other biofuel sources including corn and sugarcane.

Opportunities and Commodities

Azolla Biosystems Ltd is developing opportunities and commodities in ten sectors: