The Azolla Hub

The Azolla Biosystem is housed in the Azolla Hub. The Hub’s design is crucial for its global implementation – at locations ranging from inner city sites to remote rural areas.

The design and sophistication of each Hub is always tailored to its location. In rural areas, such as East Africa, less sophisticated applications enable immediate use of the biosystem and the provision of renewable food, livestock feed and biofertilizer.
Azolla being grown in rural locations in East Africa

Azolla being grown in rural locations in East Africa

Other Hubs include closed systems that can be automated and replicated anywhere in the world (below left), or they can extend over larger areas at locations with more land.sophisticated biosystem

Hubs can also be located within cities, promoting sustainable urban agriculture that uses Azolla as a biofertilizer and livestock feed.

Wherever they are located, Hubs are designed to blend with the local environment so that they can help the greening of our towns and cities, and provide a focus for local communities.

This is consistent with the latest concepts of urban development in the 21st Century.

urban ecotones