Biosystem Modules

The Azolla Biosystem has six modules that maximize its flexibility and scalability at different locations.

Azolla biosystem modules2

The Sequestration Module converts atmospheric CO2 into plant biomass which is then utilized by the five receptor modules:

Each of the five receptor modules can be sized or eliminated to suite local needs, and the entire process can be undertaken at scales ranging from large industrial units located in more isolated regions, to small hubs that provide a focus for local communities.

CCS module









For example, CCS Module can be scaled up at locations where CO2 sequestration is the primary objective and, if necessary, the other modules can be eliminated. This enables the biosystem to permanently remove large amounts of atmospheric CO2 and convert it into solid carbon products. This is ideal for remote locations without the need for food, livestock feed or biofertilizer.

At locations with a primary need for food production, the biofertilizer and livestock feed and food modules can be scaled up. The other modules can also be eliminated, if necessary, with the nitrogen-enriched water being used for aquaponics and hydroponics at the same location.

food modules

If energy is the primary objective, the biofuel module can be scaled up and integrated with algoil production to provide a source of local renewable azollagas-algoil biofuel.

biofuel module






This flexibility is the key to funding the Biosystem and its implementation worldwide.