Azolla and algae have enormous potential to sequester atmospheric CO2 due to their rapid growth in freshwater without the need for a soil-based nitrogen source. This has a major advantage over sequestration by soil-based plants as it does not displace agricultural land or natural ecosystems such as rainforests.

We have achieved growth rates that double Azolla’s biomass in less than two days, confirming its potential to sequester large amounts of atmospheric CO2. These values are considerably higher than those of other plants and approach those of algae which are widely promoted as the most efficient bio-sequesters.

Azolla & algal seq values

Our ongoing R & D is increasing the individual sequestration values for both algae and Azolla using a combination of biological, chemical and physical controls.

Integration of Azolla and algal (A-A) sequestration

The Azolla Biosystem achieves even higher values by integrating Azolla and algal (A-A) sequestration within a single process. This uses nitrogen-enriched water produced by Azolla to further increase algal growth and sequestration values

The synergy provided by integrated A-A sequestration maximizes the biosystem’s efficiency and reduces the cost – a major advantage over sequestration that only utilizes algal sequestration.